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My Name is Jamie Zawinski

My name is Jamie Zawinski, though far more people know me as “jwz”. I was one of the founders of Netscape and, have been involved in the open source software community since the mid-80s, […]

My Name is Clay Shirky

My name is Clay Shirky, and I study social media. I live in the United States, a democracy that spends many millions of dollars a year guaranteeing citizens the right to vote without being identified. […]

Aug, 31 · in Academics

My name is Sarah Stokely

My name is Sarah Stokely. I am the vice-chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia, the peak online civil liberties group in Australia. I have taught digital media and web publishing at the University of Melbourne. Prior […]

Aug, 30

My name is Andie

My name is Andie. I write about motherhood from various perspectives, including feminist, economic, political, and personal. I am the author of the blog blue milk and also a contributing author to the book, The […]

Aug, 19

My name is Gwyneth Llewelyn

My name is Gwyneth Llewelyn, and I’m a virtual girl in a virtual world. I’m too old to still be called a “geek”. But back in the early 1990s I was one of the top […]

Aug, 19

My name is Baz

My name is Baz or little or llama I get called Baz (or little) because people online call me that. I didn’t really chose those – it’s the first part of my username so people […]

Aug, 18

My name is Talel Amira

My name is Talel Amira. It’s my real name, and I’m happy and proud today that I can use it. I’m a Tunisian citizen living in Canada (Quebec). Not too long ago I used to […]

Aug, 18

My name is Heidi Waterhouse

My name is Heidi Waterhouse. I am a technical writer, a Sunday school teacher, a knitter, and a believer in online privacy. My spouse and I met online and fell in love. In time we […]

Aug, 18

My name is islamoyankee

My name is islamoyankee. I grew up in an age where you had three letters to put your name in electronic gadgets. I used to be “WIZ.” I wasn’t trying to hide who I was […]

Aug, 18

My Name Is Flavia Dzodan

My name is Flavia Dzodan.  I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am a writer, an activist and ideas instigator who bases her political affiliations, activism, and work on the rights of minorities and immigrants […]

Aug, 17

My name is Jin Shei

My name is… Jin Shei. This is not my birth name. I am a nurse, abuse survivor, a person experiencing and blogging about mental health problems. I work as a specialist nurse in the NHS, […]

Aug, 17

My name is Buck Angel

My name is Buck Angel. I am a pioneering filmmaker, educator, advocate, and speaker. I am a female-to-male transsexual, and my work involves efforts to break down the societal norms of what defines you a […]

Aug, 16

My name is Rugger Ducky

My name is Ducky. Here is the story of my name, and why it matters to me: In the fall of 1992, during the Clinton campaign when the big debate was allowing gay people to […]

Aug, 16

My name is Janice E. Cable

My name is Janice E. Cable, but for over six years, I’ve been writing under a pseudonym, chelsea g. summers. In March 2005, I began my blog, pretty dumb things, under the name “chelsea girl” […]

Aug, 15

My name is Quinn Norton

My name is Quinn Norton. I’m a technology and science journalist, photographer, and I teach at NYU about how we shape our identities by changing our bodies. As Quinn Norton I’ve photographed combat robot sports, […]

Aug, 14

My name is Fyodor

My name is Fyodor and I’m a hacker—the good kind! I’ve spent the last fifteen years writing and distributing free software to help individuals and businesses secure their systems. My most popular creation is the […]

Aug, 14

My name is Molly Crabapple

My name is Molly Crabapple. I’m an artist, comics creator and the founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, a company that runs alternative drawing events in 140 cities around the world. Molly Crabapple is not […]

Aug, 12

My name is Rosemary Edghill

My name is Rosemary Edghill. I’ve been a professional science fiction and fantasy writer, editor, and anthologist for 25 years. You can find me under that name on Facebook and on Dreamwidth. It’s also the name […]

Aug, 11

My name is Debbie Notkin

My name is Debbie Notkin. I’ve always been a little envious of what novelist Robertson Davies calls “the twice-born,” people who remake themselves and “often go so far as to take new names.” I’m not […]

Aug, 11

My Name is The Dod

My name is Nimrod Shabtai Keret. For years, I’ve been an activist in Israel (drug laws, occupation, privacy). I still do many things, but that’s personal In most online communities, my pseudonym is The Dod […]

Aug, 11

My name is Malte Spitz

For almost ten years I have been fighting as an activist for privacy and for policies that allow everyone to use the Internet as they choose. For five years I have been doing this as […]

Aug, 10

My name is Cory Doctorow

My name is Cory, and I’m the co-owner and co-editor of Boing Boing, a widely read blog with a thriving culture of commenters and suggesters. Boing Boing’s best commenters and suggesters are almost all pseudonymous, […]

Aug, 09

My name is Albatross

My name is Albatross, and mine is possibly one of the older nom-de-plumes online. I have used the online handle Albatross since I began using Minnesota’s educational computer network MECC in 1975, during the Ford […]

Aug, 08

My name is Roger Baker

My name is Roger Baker. I am a pastor in the United Methodist Church. An important element of our faith is social activism. As a religious leader, I am expected to push boundaries and explore […]

Aug, 08

My name is Moose

My name is Moose, and I am nobody. I no longer work due to disability. I help run the Ohio LinuxFest, an Open Source conference in the mid-west US. I run some mailing lists. I […]

Aug, 08

My name is Clo

My name is Clo. I am the DC Director for the international Paris-based NGO, Reporters Without Borders, defending media rights, journalists and netizens around the globe. We have a network of more than 120 correspondents […]

Aug, 08

My name is Hisham Almiraat

My name is Hisham Almiraat. It’s a pseudonym. Offline, I’m known as Hisham Khribchi, a medical doctor. I’m a Moroccan blogger living in France and the reason I use a pseudonym has to do with […]

Aug, 07

My name is Brother Karekin, BSG

My name is BROTHER Karekin, BSG. Brother is not what I do. It is who I am. It is the way in which I have related to the world for nearly 20 years of my […]

Aug, 06

My name is Far McKon

My name is Far McKon. I’m a Linux driver developer, a community organizer, and a proud citizen of this amazing but often messed up country. I have co-founded hacker-spaces and a housing cooperative, and volunteered […]

Aug, 06

My name is Garnet Joyce

My name is Garnet Joyce. I am a former alternative porn model and cam girl turned blogger, sex educator, social media guru, and buyer for an online sex toy retailer that promotes health and pleasure. […]

Aug, 06

My name is Grant Olney Passmore

My name is Grant Olney Passmore. I am an American mathematician based at the University of Cambridge in England. As a child and teenager, I (under the handle Skaboy) was the lead programmer for a […]

Aug, 06

My name is Andria Schwortz

My name is Andria Schwortz, and my name is unique on the internet. I am primarily a community college professor of physics and astronomy, but I am also a union activist. Because I am an […]

Aug, 06

My name is Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS

My name is Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS ( I’m a board-certified sexologist (by the American College of Sexologists), a member of the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, the Society for the Scientific […]

Aug, 06

My name is Kage Alan

My name is Kage Alan. I’m a son, a partner, a caregiver to my father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and an author of several comedic gay novels. I’ve written under a pseudonym for 16 […]

Aug, 05

My name is Andromeda Yelton

My name is Andromeda Yelton, and I’m a librarian and startup employee at Gluejar: my professional life is defined by access to information. I used to be a teacher. I used to be someone not […]

Aug, 05



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